email drip campaign for business

Email Drip Campaign For Business. Email drip campaigns, or autoresponder campaigns as they are also known, are special types of email campaigns whereby a number of emails are automatically scheduled to be sent at different times over a set period of time. This time frame could be days, weeks or months. The main point is that each email is a follow-on from the last and is designed to ultimately drive the reader to take a specific action as described in the email. These types of campaigns are highly effective for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that they can be setup to run automatically. That is, without human intervention of any kind except for the initial writing of the emails. The second reason is because they can be used to create an ongoing story or sales pitch which provides multiple touch points with a prospect. many people do not buy or sign up for things the first time they are presented with something, so to be able to do it multiple times over a period of time increases conversions. Email drip campaigns are great for enticing people to sign up to newsletter lists as the emails themselves can be written in a fashion that represents a course or instructional process. When done this way, the enticement to sign up on the list is that the person is getting a free course in return. Once the person has subscribed, the emails are sent over a number of days or weeks, providing course material as promised, and usually with an enticement to sign up to paying course or to buy a product either on completion or at various times throughout the course. Because all this can be set up in an automated fashion, the creator of the emails only has to write them once, upload them into an autoresponder program and then provide the page for the viewer to sign up on. This type of campaign can run indefinitely and many campaigns like this run for years without ever being changed. Once a program is optimized and converting it can become a source of paying leads for business for years on end. All business should have at least one email autoresponder campaign running to create leads for their business. While the process and concept is not difficult, it still is somewhat time consuming to initially put together, and there are some tactical considerations that need to be included to convince people to buy your product or service. Therefore good copywriting needs to be employed. The best way to do this is to have the email drip campaign professionally created.

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